Hi team , I want to do pre sales certification .

Hi team , I want to do pre sales certification . Where did I apply for for pre sales certification any one share me the link


I think You can find your answer here


"How to apply and what the process i,s is documented on in the OutSystems partner area. As the name  implies the partner area is only accessible for employees of OutSystems partners.

Basically you first need to pass the Sales Certification and the Associate Developer Certification and then you can do start the pre-salea certification."

You need to have access to the partner center, if you don't have you need to ask someone inside of your company to add you.

And then you will have access to a tab called Partner Center

I took this image from this post.




hi bro , thanks for the replay .  only outsystems partners access the certification other than that any freelancer have any possiblites to do that.

Have a look at this post too


"The sales certification visible only with Partner center. 

it is not showing in your profile." 

This means you are able to do the pre-sales certification if you are in the partner center. If you are not, its not possible, just if you ask for the company where you are working with.

But of course, I am not sure because I never tried with or without being in a partner center, but if there is no answers I would open a support ticket in support and ask how to take how long can I have the sales certification etc.

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