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Hi Team,

I have created the registration screen including password and confirmed password with eye icon. I have implemented with javascript for show the password letters. But doesnot worked for me. And also the password has been compared through actions, when the passwords are mismatched, the error message came but the user also created with null values. So I have attached the screenshot of SaveOnClick action for your reference. Please find the below screenshot and help me to solve this.

I'm using the block to display the eye icon.

Please find the below screenshot of Link Action.

Also I have added the Javascript screenshot for your reference.

When I clicked the eye icon its shows the below error


You have an action to show and hide passwords on OutSystems.

Have a look at the link where I share a way of doing that. 

I think it's being created because you are continuing the flow even if they are not the same.

After the assignment, you should put an end instead of continuing the flow.



Hi Sarvigaa,

I think the issue is in Regex_Search. When called from client action it always returns false. Wrap this in server action and call the server action. Kindly refer the below post for same

For your second issue in JavaScript the object is not found that's why you are returning error. you can add a input parameter in JavaScript node and pass the parameter to the JavaScript some thing like below.

Best Regards


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