[Country State City Data] Unicode issues
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When looking at Danish cities (City.COuntryCode="DK" on the City table), most of the city names are garbled with wrong letters. 

These should be Ørslev, Ølstykke, Ølgod, ...., Århus Kommune, Århus, Ålestrip etc.

Is this my fault somehow, and if so, how do I fix it?

Hello  @Soren Staun !

I installed component, tested and it's a component problem.
First I thought that was a API problem, but if you open the component the server is built in Outsystems, so the problem is the data that was first inserted in the db.

In my point of view, one solution is to manually correct the citys (in the component db) that you want to fetch, because Outsystems db supports that characters. Or try to find a pattern in the missing characters and fix it with a function.

Example after editing:

Hope you the best for your project.

Best regards,

Tiago Correia

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