My Service studio was updated to the new beta version without warning.

When my pc was updated this afternoon my service studio was updated to this version.

Beta | OutSystems 

I was in this version 11.14.16 (Build 60354) and was not expecting such a radical change.

While the new layout looks and feels suitable for Reactive and Mobile for the traditional web it felt awkward and confusing.

The screens in the ver were deformed and awkward making it hard to work on them. And the new placement of the widget tree was just not very intuitive.

While I am excited about this new version it is still a beta and not yet stable.

Outsystems should not have forced users to use this version when it's still a beta 

Hi @Alberto Gomes

My studio have also get updated, because my settings was set to update automatically, Since it is a Beta Version it has lot of bugs, what i have figure it out till now, In case if you want to go back to previous built, you can check here -

Hi Alberto Gomes , 

I think you re-install the previous version if you want and turn off autoupdate .

How do you disable auto-update it updated again to the beta version

Hi guys I did end up with no issues but OutSystems should not auto-update to a beta version that is just disrespectful

Tks for the support :)


Hi Alberto,

Actually this was announced a while ago via this post:

It seems you were one of the randomly selected users since you had the auto-update on :).




It got updated for me also.



In service studio, we have a tab that is "Edit" from there you can change auto-update settings.


Ridhima Shewani.


Thank you very much :)

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