What does Animate property in container do


I coundn't find document explaining what animate property in container do

how to use this property?


you can check here the documentation is available

It works on the visibility property, when it changes 


Hope this helps


Hi dear furutani daichi,

1.The animation is YES ONLY when the visibility of the container changes.

2.Use a boolean  variable in the Visibility of container then,animation will be Enable for you as  (YES/NO).

 When you change the value of it, the animation occurs.

You can also go through this link.


Thank you. I know Animate can be changed by setting boolean variable on property. But I coundn't figure out difference between YES and NO.

It seem even if I set NO, animate occured when visible changed.

I thought if Animate is NO, inside Animate widget does not animate its content. but it did.



Animate block is consumed from OutsysystemsUI Library module and check the properties of this module.

For your reference attached the screenshot for the same.

You can see the default transition is Slide from Right. This is the reason behind.

It is nothing with default transition. I cloned and refered OutsystemsUI which changed default transition to Fade. but still same result. 

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