[DocuSign 2.1 APIs] Bug in demo app and missing descriptions
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Forge component by Robert Adams
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Fist of all great job with the component!

I found a bug with the ReturnUrl in the demo app, as you can see below the module name does not math:

Also some public actions, its inputs and outputs do not have descriptions, this will have an impact in architecture dashboard, for example:

If you could review these issues it would be much appreciated  :) 

Thank you,


New version uploaded with issues mentioned above fixed :) 

Hi Ruben,

Well spotted! thank you for reporting this, we didn't notice this issue due to refactoring we kept old module that now needs to be renamed, and descriptions are indeed missing.

Are you willing to enter the team a release a fix for the issue found? We would appreciate help with this.

Thank you!

Hi Daniel,

Yes, no problem you can add me to the team :) 



Perfect example of how the community adds value

Thank you and welcome to the team!

New version uploaded with issues mentioned above fixed :) 


we have issue in javascript Window.docuSignCallback is unavailable in Documents page

what is the solution for this ? 

thanks in advance

Hi Ahmed,

Could you please upload a screenshot of the issue or share any error stack trace that you may found?

When this issue occurs? I am not being able to replicate, could you please elaborate on the steps that you do in order to replicate the issue, maybe record a small video would help?

Thank you

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