Bottom Sheet and more: here’s what you find in OutSystems UI 2.10.0

Hi everyone,

We are very happy to announce that a new version of OutSystems UI was released. This version brings many new features and improvements. One of them is the long-awaited BottomSheet. 

If you are not familiar with OutSystems UI re-architecture, here’s the forum post with all the details.

What changed?

  • New pattern BottomSheet

  • New version of Tabs block with the new architecture [Learn how to migrate]

    • New client action to disable a Tab 

    • Runtime improvements (new active animation)

    • Improvement experience when combined with other components

  • New version of SectionIndex block with the new architecture [Learn how to migrate]

    • New SectionIndexItem block

    • Now this pattern works with any other element, not just Sections

  • New actions to customize the Sidebar

    • New action to disable the swipe (SidebarToggleSwipe).

  • New actions to customize the ProgressBar and ProgressCircle patterns

    • New client actions to reset patterns to their initial value (ResetProgressBar, ResetProgressCircle). 

  • New actions to customize the DatePicker and DatePickerRange patterns

    • New client actions to set a new date in the Picker input. (DatePickerSetEditableInput and DatePickerRangeSetEditableInput). 

    • New client action to toggle the native behavior in mobile apps (DatePickerToggleNativeBehavior). 

  • New actions to customize the RangeSlider and RangeSliderInterval patterns

    • New client actions to set new values (SetRangeSliderValue, ResetRangeSliderInterval).

    • New client actions to reset the patterns to their initial state (ResetRangeSlider, SetRangeSliderIntervalValue).

  • New actions to customize the DropdownTags and DropdownSearch patterns

    • New client action to disable the Dropdown's default behavior to open as a popup on mobile apps (DropdownTogglePopup).

What's going to happen next? 

You can expect news from us soon, as we continue to revamp the architecture of the framework. In the next releases, we'll gradually launch new versions of our patterns. 

These patterns will be released in a near future (next 6 months):

We are also working on the extensibility of patterns based on external providers. Expect news soon. We are eager to learn from you so if you are interested in discussing this topic with us, feel free to schedule a call with us.

Try it now

Check more details about the new release in the Release Notes and download the latest OutSystems UI version.


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Thanks for new updates


Thanks for share!!

Great !! Thanks for the update !

Thanks for Update !


Thanks for sharing !

Haven't checked everything yet, but I'm digging the new features.


Great!! Thanks for the information ! 

Hi Bernardo,

How long will the deprecated patterns be supported? 

Hi @Bas de Jong,

Deprecated patterns will continue to be supported indefinitely, as any other UI Pattern, for bug fixing.

Any new features will only be done on the new versions though.

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Great !! Thanks for Sharing !!!!

Thanks for the update 

Great to see the more capability added in the patterns and expect more to come!!!!!! 

Thanks for Sharing ! 

Thank for new update.

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