How I can change session timeout for a Reactive Application
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Hi All,

I want to increase session timeout for PWA .  I referred this link here.

But the solution is working for traditional app for reactive I am getting error as "object reference not set to an instance of object".

Please help me with this .


Shivangi Thakur

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for sharing the link, sorry I didn't mention it before its a PWA application and we have utilized SSO which is used in all other reactive apps as well, so from configuration I can not modify the timeout as it will get applied to all the applications. So, Is there any way I can do it specifically for my app.



@Shivangi Thakur,

In your application, you can change the Timeout by following this link that you gave yourself, which can be a .NET component or the platform's native way, increasing the time in "Server Request Timeout", as shown below:

Now, if the weather is good and the timeout problem is on the SSO side and this resource is shared with other systems, better evaluate if it is giving problems on these other systems as well.

Best Regards,
Edson Marques

Hi @Edson Marques ,

Thanks for your suggestion, but is this a good practice to do this change at module level as this will also increase tech debt hence I didn't do it this way, also its a PWA app so session has to be for more than 3-4 hours , I tried with extension, but unfortunately its not for reactive apps.


Shivangi Thakur

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