[MongoDB] Connection string from Mongodb (Forge) to Mongo Atlas Cluster
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Forge component by Barduino
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11.53.12 (Build 61136)

Based on this video https://youtu.be/QSO4vIePxqs use of the connection string is essential. It seems there are several connection strings and I am finding it difficult to validate a working connection value. 

Connection string


This connection string which is simplified for the Mongo Community app 

The MongoDB page Directory consistently states the connection string is invalid. Which seems the only way to validate the connection string is legit. 

First question is there a reason that you need to use this component rather than the built in integration that OutSystems offers for MongoDB.

To follow-up on Paul's answer, I would definitely recommend using Integration Builder to connect to MongoDB, as it will provide you with the most up-to-date connection method, while the Forge component is using a somewhat older .NET driver for MongoDB.

You can check the video we just released for the steps needed to connect to MongoDB with Integration Builder.

If you're using MongoDB Atlas, you can find the necessary connection string information by logging into your Atlas account, and then clicking the "Connect" button, then select "connect your application." The default C#/.net driver syntax should provide you with the connection string information you need (apart from the password, which you will need to provide) to connect with Integration Builder.

Hey Andrew Duthie,

 Following your video for Mongodb connection amazing tutorial. Thanks for detailed one!! It would be useful if you provide steps to get connection string from MongoDb Atlas, which is not explained in your video. Although there are guidelines from Mongodb itself, the connection is not working properly.

Thanks & Regards,


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