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Because the datapicker will be deprecated in OutSystemsUI we are changing them to the new datepicker of OutSystemsUI version 2.11.0.

The new datepicker input field has the possibility to pick a date from the calendar, but it seems to be it is not possible to enter a date manually, while it was possible in the old one.

I want to enter also a date like 05-01-2023 instead of selecting a date from the calendar.

How can I do this? Maybe it is a setting I missed?

Kind regards, Willem Markus


You need to use the client action DatePickerSetEditableInput from OutSystemsUI. 

Please see the attached oml.



Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your reply. 

I used the client action DatePickerSetEditableInput, but in a wrong way. Now I understand how to use it properly. Thanks.

Kind regards, Willem


@Willem Markus    

Please check this discussion. Already given solution. 



Sonali Verma

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