[New Employee Onboarding] Build Multitenant with New Employee Onboarding
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I am new to Outsystems.

Is it possible to customize New Employee Onboarding with multitenant ? ( Each manager has his own space but for the assignment of tasks it will be necessary to have a common catalog in which each manager will be able to search and assign tasks by filtering by Department, Location ,  Group or Team and assign it to the employee). Can you give me some ideas on how to do this.



Thank you very much. I'm looking at.

Hi Marcelle,

You can customize this app as you want, this app was shared with the intention to give developers the basic foundations of an onboarding app and let them add new features as they see fit for their use case.

Regarding what you want to do, isn't that achievable with a new screen only available for managers that shows information filtered by their roles? Multi-tenancy seems a complex solution for a simple use case, if I understood correctly.

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