How to check which version of forge module you are using
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hello. I am a novice developer at outsystems.

I would like to organize the module version of forge being used.

I want to check the version of the module currently received from forge. Is there any way I can check it?

 As far as I know, is it correct to check the version by the date it was downloaded and published?

The purpose is I want to compare the version I have installed with the latest version of Forge.

Hi @Woo sihyun

Login to Service center in your environment and Click on factory menu then on Module and click on module name which you want to see version then the screen like below snapshot will open where you can see your module version.

I hope it'll help you,


This is the same for both your own developed modules and module installed from forge.

Hi Deepsagar,

Unfortunately, the version number you seem to be referring to is NOT the module version number as installed from the Forge.  It is the platform's version number.
That same version number can be seen on any Service Center page and is not specific to the module.
As far as I know there currently is no way to see the Forge version number for installed applications.

I suggest that anyone that stumbles on this page likes the idea mentioned by Ramesh, to put some pressure on OutSystems to add this very necessary feature:


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