Can I recover some data which accidentally delete or update on OutSystems Cloud?


If I accidentally delete or incorrectly update some data records in an application, how can I recover the data back? Is there any approach to do?  (OutSystems Cloud.)

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Based on what you've explained, it seems that you've either modified or removed some records from a transaction table. If you don't have a log table that tracks changes, it may not be possible to restore the data directly.

To recover the lost information, you'll need to contact OS Support and obtain backups of the affected database table. From there, you should be able to retrieve the missing data.

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@Narendra Maheshwari , To what level would one need to log the data and how would we go about recovering it? 

We want to be able to roll back/abort across multiple transactions.  Would it be possible to use the abort transaction to roll back multiple Transaction threads or would we need to build logic to somehow find "Deleted" data and restore it 

I believe you are using OS CLOUD and based on data backup policy on server,  you should be able to get database backup file and from there you can restore one or multiple tables data.

You can extend a log table like clone of the original table, and can write a logic to insert a modified/deleted record into log table. This way you can keep the original record in log table and modified/deleted in original table.

In regards to perform abort transaction you need to write your custom code and has to handle based on your business needs. OS allows to run transaction commit and rollback in server action.

Let me know you need any further details.

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I don't think that you can recover that data which you have deleted or updated until you have created the archive or logs ..

but the same type of conversations held here you can read it recover data 

or on the top-right  [support] option is there raise your issue over there  

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Sure, you can request access to a backup to a point in time within the last 15 days. 

I believe the following link can be the solution for your issue.


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