Custom dropdown search with 'search on click' event.
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 I have a scenario where there are n number of records(names) and end user has to select one of them.

I have to design it in the form of a dropdown search. If I am using dropdown search widget available on platform, the list of records is being populated by default when I am just clicking on it. Since there is a huge number of records for that dropdown, the page and dropdown take a lot of time to load and also hangs sometimes. 

Thus, I want to create a dropdown search where the data starts to load only when I start typing and only the records matching to my input are loaded and presented in dropdown. The values are not by default loaded and visible in the beginning.

Does anyone know or has any idea on how to implement this.


Hi Simran, 

Have you considered the usage of Autocomplete?


It's a component that you associate with a normal input and does exactly what you wanted: starts empty and then can return results based on your search.

Hope this helps,



Hi Paulo, 

This component worked for me. Thank you!

Hi Simran, great! 

Glad that helped! 



Hi @Simran Vaswani 

Yes, you can implement it, Create a web block which has one input field and a List, Give Source of this list a Local variable,

Then create an OnChange event  handler for your input box and inside this action fetch data from aggregate which match with the input text and append this in your list type local variable.

I hope it'll help you.


hello can i have oml?

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