Hide/Show columns based on search multiple selection list

I'm trying to build a table for KPI that has columns for each month, and I want to Hide/Show each column base on the month, I can already hide/show based on current month, to only show the column for the month we are when see the table.

But now I want to add a multiple selection dropdown list to select multiple months and to show the columns that are selected. What's the best way to achieve this?

Hi @João Fernandes can you please share oml for better understanding.

I have a KPI table that has an object for each department, This this entity has attributes for each Month.(January, February, etc..): I manage to show the column for current month which should be the default scenario. But now I want to also create search dropdowns, that allows multiple selection, with a list with all months, and depending on which months are selected, to show columns for the months selected.

Hi as per my understanding i created an application for that scenario please check url and also attached oml.

URL : https://personal-azznbdgv.outsystemscloud.com/Table1/Table


Apoorv Choubey


Hi João Fernandes ,

you can have an extra attribute (IsActive) in the table for each month and then change the IsActive attribute to true for each and every month that are selected .

hope solution will help you ,



Pramesh Sharma

Hey! Thanks for the answer, sry to ask, is this the best/easier way to do it? Because this way this I see that it will be necessary to createorupdate each object, based on what's selected on the list, and every time the user completely leaves and comes back to the page, I want the to see only columns corresponding to the current month, 

Hi João,

Please check OutSystems Data Grid component. It provides custom columns visibility.

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