Deeplink not working for iOS
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I am struggling to get a deeplink for iOS to work and open the App.

I have tried this component: 
Link : https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/7062/deeplink-redirect-web

It successfully opens the app on Android but not on iOS.

My use case is to generate a deeplink URL that will be sent via email and when the embedded url is clicked it should open the app. 

Does anyone have an idea or working solution?
Much appreciated.  


Hello Kevin,

No need component for deeplinks.

Check this link: https://success.outsystems.com/documentation/how_to_guides/development/how_to_define_mobile_app_deep_links/

Thanks for the response.

I have tried that but the email sent still does not open the app. However I think it might be due to the href tag we use.

If I add app-identifier://module/screen as the url, the tag removes the ":"  when I send. 

This is the tag used: <a href="@URL@"><u>here</u></a>

Any tips on that or how to embed the url in an email?

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