Need to change the cursor while screens loading.

Hi everyone .

                            I need to know .i have a screen with an icon the icon is linked to another screen.if user clicks the icon .the curser need to be changed to loading curser while navigation to the next page.if drop the image below


Yes ofcourse,
The IsLoading variable needs to be changed to True when you click the button,
 and needs to be set back to False at the end of the Action 

you can create  a loading cursor using a custom CSS class:

I would suggest creating an 'IsLoading' boolean variable and assign the class to the page when the IsLoading variable is True

Hope  this helps!

Actually i created class in the style icon like above mentioned and also created an variable with boolean .next what i need to do . i am not getting it what you have mentioned above

You need to apply the CSS class to the main container of your page when the value of the IsLoading variable = True:

If (IsLoading=True,

 (the cursor will only show the loading icon when it is hovering above a container that has the 'Loading-cursor' class and when the isloading variable is true.

When clicking on your Icon to go to a different page, you should change the value of the IsLoading variable to True in the OnClick Client Action of the icon.

I think a LoadingSpinner instead of cursor would be a better way forward:
Loading Spinner

Sorry to hear that, i tried to explain it simple.

The loading cursor is not the best solution in my opinion anyway, 
Try this: Loading Icon

If possible can you send me the oml file better understanding sir


You are welcome.

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Can we set the paramter for this or i have an form with validation .after people entering the data they click submit button while clicking the button loading needs to be done.after the submission it need to stop can we do that?


Yes ofcourse,
The IsLoading variable needs to be changed to True when you click the button,
 and needs to be set back to False at the end of the Action 

Working sir fine thanks for the instruction

Hi @Arjun S 

You can refer this link to change the cursor while screens loading.


or you can use CSS and JavaScript for this.

Best regards

Hello Arjun,

If you are using any grid in the screen you can add this thing in to your screen

It can be added automatically if you are scaffolding.

If other then this you want on the screen then there are multiple components available on forge just have a look and implement the same logic in your application.

Following are the links of components:-





Hope it helps you..


Pavan R

it was for an traditional .i was working on reactive

Hello this one is for reactive.. 
Refer last two components they are for reactive.

Okay I will see sir thankyou

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