Training lessons not marked as complete

Hi everyone (first post here)!

I'm doing a guided path on the training section and I've run into a tiny but quite annoying issue on the completion of some of the lessons.

There are some lessons that are not marked as complete even though I've completed all the sub-topics inside them. I've tried to see them all again and making sure i press the "Next lesson" between each sub-topic and at the end as well but it doesn't update.
I also tried to refresh the page and this was done on a 3-day period so I suppose it's not "refreshing time" issue.

Here's a pic to better expose my question:

Thank you in advance


I faced the same issue only in the new UI. It seems that you can only see that's done when you're at the root... otherwise you wouldn't distinguish between "done on root" or "done but has childs". I prefer the old version.

Hi @Ricardo Figueiredo,
Facing same issue it seems like you can see inside the particular topics. Should put that into the Idea so they may update this. Older version was better. 

Hello @Ricardo Figueiredo,

Please refer this link where it was already mentioned these issues as known issues by OutSystems. I believe they are already working on these issues and will be get resolved soon. I would suggest you to keep continue the learning and later all your courses would be marked as completed and your points will be added to your profile.


Thanks & Regards,


I'm having the same problem. Two exercises that keep appearing as if I haven't done it.
I did. Both of them.
Any help on this?...
I've opened and closed the Module on S.Studio and... no difference...
Thank you in advance,


Hi Ricardo,

There’s a few things that Outsystems are still working on, don’t worry, these features be available soon.

For more detail you can refer this link : https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/90267/new-training-experience-calling-all-outsystems-developers/


Hardik khare

Hi @Ricardo Figueiredo,

This issue is noted with the OutSystems team and they are working on it to resolve it as soon as possible.

The videos you have watched will be marked as done and relevant points will be provided to you when this issue gets fixed.

Gourav Nama

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