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New OutSystems UI v2.17.0 with new components

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce a new OutSystems UI pattern that has been highly requested: OverflowMenu

This pattern is triggered by clicking on another element (icon, button, etc) and can be used to display additional options.

This pattern was released in OutSystems UI latest version (2.17.0), and includes a set of client actions that can be used in this component:

  • OverflowMenuOpen
  • OverflowMenuClose
  • OverflowMenuEnable
  • OverflowMenuDisable

But that’s not all… Check more highlights of this new release below.

  • New version of the Videoblock with the new architecture.
    • New structure Captions, that allows the developers to add captions in multiple languages to a Video.
    • New actions to manipulate the state of the Video: VideoGetState, VideoJumpToTime, VideoPlay and VideoPause
    • New Initialized and StateChanged events.
    • Kudos to Maycon Oleczinski for his idea!

  • New languages available: 🇨🇳Chinese (zh-Hant + zh-Hans), 🇮🇹Italian (it-IT), 🇫🇷French (fr-FR) and 🇰🇷Korean (ko-KR) 

  • Accessibility improvementsfor the following patterns: Accordion, AccordianItem, RangeSlider, RangeSliderInterval, ProgressBar, ProgressCircle, Sidebar and Notification
    • In the next releases more improvements will be released!

Try it now

Check more details about the new release in the Release Notes and download the latest OutSystems UI version.


Great additions!

Great useful, I enjoyed it!

Thanks for sharing. Good work

Thank you for the updates but I highlight the OverflowMenu, which will be so handy! 

Well done! Very useful.

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing

That's really useful, Thanks!

thankyou for sharing.

Thankyou for updating…

Great, Thanks 👌

Hello! I cannot find the new OverflowMenu pattern in the OutSystemsUI website ( May I suggest that you guys make it standard procedure to always add new patterns there? 😉

Thank you!

Thankyou for updating… 

Great news!

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Thanks for Update.

Great feature. It will be useful

Thanks for sharing! 

Great, Thanks for sharing.

It's really nice feature, Thanks for the update.

Helpful in development!!

Glad to see these improvements!