[OutSystems Data Grid] GetChangedLines not recognizing the cell I changed.
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11.54.25 (Build 62773)
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11.21.0 (Build 39357)

I have a Data Grid within a reactive web app. All 3 of the columns in my grid save changes to the data through a client action that is triggered with an OnCellChangeEvent. When I change a column value and click 'Enter', the client action is correctly triggered and the GetChangedLines correctly picks up the editedlines and updates my underlying table. This is verified by hitting the refresh button (the value stays on the grid). The issue occurs when I change a cell value and hit 'Tab' or click within the same row. The client action is correctly triggered, but the GetChangedLines portion of my client action does not recognize that any rows have changed (maybe because I haven't left the row?). Is there a way where I can write back to my table through an OnCellChangeEvent regardless of the action taken after the new value is types (ie 'Enter', 'Tab', click within same row) ? Attached is an OML example of my issue. Thank you in advance.


Hi Samuel,
I am attaching an updated OML for your reference.
You don't need to use getChangedLine, I have created a new action for a Name input change for other inputs you can update accordingly.



Hi Anubhav,

I needed to update your solution slightly to get the identifier through GetRowData and then use the identifier in the CreateOrUpdate action. Using the rownumber created issues when a sort or filter is applied to the grid. Overall, your solution had what I was looking for. Thank you!

@Samuel Kalman ,
You can use GetRowData, and you just need to pass the row number that you are getting as input and it will give you all the data including ID.
Now you can use the ID in your createupdate action.

Thank you,

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