[BDDFramework] Does BDD Framework has limit on the amount of data to test?
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I have about 135 rows of data to be tested using BDD Framework, but after execution, there are only 51 data executed. Prior to execution i have made sure that there are 135 rows of data.

Does BDD Framework limits the amount of data to be tested? Or does anyone ever encounter such issues?

Actual data: 135; Executed data: 51

Line length is set to the length of the data to be tested

Hi Theodorus,

I don't recall there is a limitation. Did you double check that your GetTestData.List actually retrieves those 135 records?



Greetings Daniel,

I have tested what you suggested. I sorted by Id descending for the whole data and the first row's Id is 134, which is as expected.

By manually inputting a certain integer to LineCount actually solved the problem. This time i inputted a very large number, and the whole records appear.

But i still don't know why using GetTestData.List.Length only shows 51 records.


In order to ensure that your test execution is going to pick up expected number of records, please add logic to log the retrieved records count.

Hope it helps!


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