Export server data in excel file
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Hi All,

I need to export server data into an excel file in mobile application I have even user File plugin and file transfer plugin but unable to download the file.

Can someone suggest or help me in export data into excel sheet.

I have even uploaded the .oml file 


Vin J.


Check these



Also, have you tried to debug? what are the errors you are getting? From your question, I see that you didn't ask yourself all these questions, which is important for you in the future if you face this or any kind of blocks

Check the service center and tell us the error you are getting.

Every time you put in a new plugin you must generate an APK you must generate the apk to refresh the application with the new plugin.

Maybe whats missing is generating a new build, let us know if that's the case

after generating my apk is working and downloading

What might be happening as well is that you cannot find the file :D

I had to go deep in my phone to find the downloaded file

I am going to leave here my OML and you can compare. If you have not generated your app after adding the plugin, please generate and test it again...

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