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 I have a datagrid in my screen .I can edit and save that screen with the help of outsystem datagrid documentation. I attached the screen below .is it possible to create a delete button for each student in the data grid,and delete the required student .Or how can we delete a student from the grid.Iam very new to outsystems .please help somebody?Iam using outsytems reactive



You can achieve this using action column. For sure you can achieve this using links, for buttons it probably needs customization, I will have to check for that.

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Hope it helps!


Please explain once more.I didn't get you

So the action column allows you to add a link to perform desired action. You need to define the event handler for ClickEvent.

Inside event handler you can implement logic (replace highlighted part with your logic) to delete the student. You might already have some server action to delete specified student record from database based on the provided student identifier.

The student identifier you can get through Line input parameter and JSON Deserialize action. 

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