Enabling Custom Domain Support in White-Label OutSystems Application

I'm currently working on a white-label software project in OutSystems and I'm wondering if it's possible to enable custom domain support for our partner instances. Essentially, we want our partners to have the ability to access their branded version of the application using their own custom domains (e.g., 'partnerdomain.com').

Is it feasible to achieve this in OutSystems, and if so, what would be the best way to approach implementing custom domain support for white-label applications? Any insights, best practices, or recommendations on how to set up custom domains for our partners' instances would be highly valuable.

Thank you for sharing your expertise in advance!



Simply for multiple domains on production application you need to upload custom SSL with multi domain. For this you need to create CSR using SAN (multi domain support). Then you need to point different applications to different domains using Service center SEO section. Please refer below URLs




Hello Vikas thank you answering

Maybe I wasn't clear i want to configure different domains for different tenants in a single application

@Bernardo Cabral  were you able to acheive this?

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