Consume API 401 Unauthorized

I'm trying to send SMS through Consume API.

Even the test was successful. In fact, SMS is continuously received in the test. [Screen 1]

In other words, confirm that there are no problems with headers and body.

However, if you proceed through Publish, 401 Unauthorized occurs.

I've been wasting a lot of time on this problem for almost a week now. And it's possible because it's a free account.

I made a new revision two days ago and tried again, but 401 Unauthorized occurred again. [Screen 2]

I am writing this down so that the parts of my experience that follow are clear.

Aggregate is the problem,

Or is the problem caused by a security issue due to API disclosure due to the Anonymous setting? I do not know

I even looked at the Japanese site. It appears to have the same symptoms as above.

In other words, it is expected that it occurs due to a problem unrelated to the actual SMS API.


     "versionInfo": {

         "hasModuleVersionChanged": false,

         "hasApiVersionChanged": false


     "data": {},

     "exception": {

         "name": "ServerException",

         "specificType": "System.Exception",

         "message": "401 Unauthorized"



{versionInfo: {hasModuleVersionChanged: false, hasApiVersionChanged: false}, data: {},… }

data: {}

exception: {name: "ServerException", specificType: "System.Exception", message: "401 Unauthorized"}

message: "401 Unauthorized"

name: "ServerException"

specificType: "System.Exception"

versionInfo: {hasModuleVersionChanged: false, hasApiVersionChanged: false}

hasApiVersionChanged: false

hasModuleVersionChanged: false


"Message": "The requested resource does not support http method 'GET'."


The most likely cause [Screen 3 & Screen 4] may not be the case.

Error detail [Screen 5]

If anyone knows the solution, please respond.

Below are reference images. Thank you for reading the short article to the end. Have a nice day. ^^