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I have a page in traditional that receives a file GUID and returns only the file, the page it self doesn't open.

Now I'm trying to do the same but in reactive.

However the empty page always opens since the download is made in the "on after fetch" action.

There is any technique to avoid that?

Thank you

Hi Luis,

Can you please provide more information.

as just to add what i understood is you want to download file using the GUID. so for that you can just make a server action and can use the download widget and then you can able to download and save it.


This widget has to have a regular link since its also used inside a PDF.

Using an action with the download is option but not in this case.

Thank you


There is perhaps a  way , I don't like it but ... 

- Put the query/DataAction that triggers the "OnAfterFetch" as "only on demand" , refresh it in the "On Initialize" action  and then redirect to where  you  want . 



Hi @Luis 

Can you please check below post


Hope this will help you :)



Hi @Luis

may you are missing something to assign correct way. Kindly do the assignment in this way 

Hope this will work.

Kind regards

Thank you all for you kind help.

Using the action with the Download doesn't work for me, this block would be used in PDF, so that should be an external URL to be clickable in the PDF.

I've tried to make the download logic in the OnInitialize but didn't work neither (the download is made but the page opens).

If you have some similar problem check this link.


This option may do the job if you have a simple authentication process, its also not my case.

I'm going to implement it on traditional.

Kind regards

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