deleting records

i m having time out erros when i m using lists with only 8 records.  I noticed that i m not able to change this especific recrods, while others i was able to. any ideia why thats hapenning?

Is my recrods corrupted? how can i pass this error?

when i try to delete the especific part of my record that i want to be deleted "carteira" i get this.

i m already thinking about replace my entities for new ones, but i dont know if this is the right aprouch since i dont know why i m geting this erros and it can apear once again and i will have a bunch on unecessary work changing the names :/


There can be many reason for not able to delete the record. One can be delete rule for referenced attribute. I can see few referenced attribute in your entity, do check out if any has delete rule as protected.

I believe you're trying to delete record directly from entity using view/edit option, this is not the perfect way and sometimes it does not work.

To delete the record you should use delete action of entity, create a server action and pass the Id of record, it will definitely delete the record if no constraints breaks. Or use a SQL tool and write single line delete query and send Id as parameter.

Third solution can be, using a forge component DynamicSQL, installing whihe you will have complete control over Database and can directly CRUD Operation on table.


i tryied to change the data of the list by button and action, but when i get the record with id = 7 outsystems breaks and i get a timout after that. other records i was able to change them. is there any way to solve this?

Can you expand entity and post screenshot of your Entity attributes? Also, that record with id 7.

Hi Joao,

have a look at that record (7), from what I read that record may have something different that is blocking the deletion of it. 

could this be an error from outsystems platform? i mean, i wasnt able to change it, but now i can... they have the same data, only the n7 had error and now i can do what i was trying


what are you trying to say when "delete the specific part of my record" ?

Do you want to delete the record, or update some columns of the record?

Have a look at the foreign keys specifications.


Deleting a record is not possible when it is used in other records, so check the FK's indeed.

@João Pedro Espinheira  from error snapshot, there is timeout issue. you can increase the timeout at module level and try, I think increasing it to 20-30 seconds should be fine. We have faced that issue once and increasing timeout at module level helped.

However you will have to tune your query for better performance, so think about doing that as next step. 

I hope that helps. 

Hi, @João Pedro Espinheira, hope you're well!

Building on the sugestion of @Sanjay kumar you could also use this app from the forge: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/5900/sql-sandbox.

It allows you to connect to your modules database and run SQL instructions (including DML) whith autocompletion and error verification.

It's been very useful to help me navigate and manipulate my projects data.

Hope you can find the solution to your issues.

Best regards.

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