[Google Drive Connector Reactive] Using images from Google drive into my App
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Forge component by Alvaro Pinilla Pedroche
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive, Service
Service Studio Version
11.54.28 (Build 62889)
Platform Version
11.23.1 (Build 40847)

Hello there, 

I'm trying to do something that i never done before, i'm farely new to Outsystems and i would like to know which are the best steps to implement my Images from my personal google drive into my Database. 

I'm doing this to free some space from the server it self and also to gain some knowledge into API's and web services. 

So, i already did my setup in google cloud console, i have an API key, a client ID and a client secret. I tested my credentials in the google drive connector DEMO and it is working perfectly fine. The problem is that i'm trying to build this in reactive, and this "google drive connector" is in traditional. 

So after some research i found the google drive connector reactive DEMO, and when i tested my credentials it's says "bad parameter"... I dont know what is going on, so i went to Service center finding the error and it says "NoAccessTokenException". I already search a lot of things into this matter but i cant find a solution... 

So, i dont know if i'm doing something bad, or if this is the way that i'm supposed to start doing this, because i wanna try to use the DEMO it self to guide me to work on my code it self. 

Any tips on how would i solve this problem and how i move foward? 

Thanks anyway. 


Thanks for the response. 

Anyway that wasnt the question it self. I would like to know which are the best steps to implement this, and wich forge app is better to use. 

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