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I have seen various posts regarding some forge components used to send SMS. I request a step-by-step process to send an SMS from the OutSystems application, Starting from the installation, and configuration to sending the SMS for both the mobile App and the Reactive Web App. 

Hi gayathri,

You can use Twilio to send SMS.

Create an account in twilio and you can integrate.



You can have a look to theis article maybe it will help you - 

You can also refer here for the step by step guide via video tutorial - 

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Hi Gayathri ,

You can send SMS from  your application with the help ot twillo .

Here is the link where you can login and register youself with your phone number and you can easily send sms . 

What you need to do ?

Just install twillo forge component and take dependency in your application and use server action . There are two mandatory parameters "To" and "Message" . In "To" you just need to pass the value and in "Message" the message you want to send . 

Blow images will help you .

let me know if you have any question .


Arif .

Hi Gayathri , 

Is your problem solved ?

let me know if you have any other problem .





Just to clarify, you will need service from third party for sending sms (hence above me recommended using twilio plugin and you also need to have twilio account for this).

You can also use other third party, as this usually using REST API for sending.


You can also use Amazon SNS to send SMS.
And there is a supported component available by OutSystems, which is a big plus!

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