[PassSharp] Failed to Sign Manifest error
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Hi Team,
When I'm clicking the button associated with Passharp -> GeneratePass action it is causing error as "Failed to sign Manifest".I added the respective error logs for this Please check the attachment.
Please help in fixing this, I also have few questions based on this error.

  1. Do we need to whitelist the application? some api or something?
  2. Haven't received any warnings but is that can happen because of Firewall settings?
  3. If using a Mac OS and Developer account, we generated the pass identifier and certificates(.p12) do we still need Mac OS during Publishing the application?

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Hi Dhanushant , i believe that could be a problem with your certificate files.

we Generated the certifications from your documentations only 

  • Download your global Apple certificate from here and add the .cer file to the certificates structure
  • Follow these instructions to generate your own pass certificate and add both the .p12 file and the password to the certificates structure. 
    and we kept them in resources folders only still we get this error, is there a work around to this.

Hi Dhanushant , 

can you check the new version under development? I believe that will fix your problem. In the previous version it was required to have the certificate on the machine.


Luis Oliveira

The new version is Neither giving any error nor generating any output.

If there are no error it is suppose to Generate pkpass and open file but it gone with totally no output we tested this in Iphone as well it totally acts like no action on that button.

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