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I am fetching a list of users and i want to show those list with radio button so that client can check which user he want to select .can any one help me with that how to do it?

Hi @Priyabrat Swain ,

For this you needed to created a list record. There you needed to add a  checkbox or radio button based on the no of user you want to select.

Please check the link below for reference .

Sample 1

Sample 2

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Step One - You have to add user aggregate on the screen 

Step 2:- Add a radio group and take only one radio button 

Step 3:- Make local variable user identifier type 

Step 4:- bind Radio group variable to that user id variable 

Step 5:- Bind the radio button to list the current user ID


Are you sure a radio button list is a good UX behavior for this situation? It works nice up until around 5 to 8 people. Then the list gets to large. Perhaps you should better use a dropdown as this is more suited for a selection from a large list. If you use the new DropdownServerSide you even have search capability. 

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