[BDDFramework] Configurable Timeout on RunTestSuite in REST API
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We are using the BDD Framework extensively on our project.

We also have a dashboard project that runs our tests periodically.  This dashboard project uses the BDD Framework v2 REST API to run the 'AllTests' page of our test project.  As the name implies, this AllTests page contains ALL our tests.

The problem we now run into is that running all our tests starts taking too long for the current timeout in BDD Framework's RunTestSuite.

That is why we would like to be able to (optionally) increase the timeout for the HTTP GET call in RunTestSuite, so that longer running tests are also supported (current timeout seems to be somewhere below 2 minutes).

So I would like to suggest the following change to the BDD Framework's RunTestSuite code:

  • Add a 'Timeout' input parameter
    • Description: Timeout (in seconds) for running the complete test.
    • Mandatory: No
    • Default Value: 90
  • Use GetRequest_Submit from HTTPRequestHandler instead of HttpGet from RichMail.
    • Pass 'Timeout * 1000' to the Timeout parameter from GetRequest_Submit

This change would be non-breaking to any existing projects using the BDD Framework, but gives the extra flexibility of optionally setting the timeout for the complete test run.

We've made this change locally and it works great.  But it would be even better if it was available in the official BDD Framework version.

Kind regards,


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