outsystem css is not taking while creating email template outlook

outlook css is not taking while creating email template outlook 


Are you using a heavy CCS? 

Keep the CCS  the simplest  you can , do not use the normal theme , just the classes you need. 

Also some times the applications that receive the mails do not interpret the CSS the same way as the browsers.

Hope this help you


Welcome back to the era of (still ongoing) browser wars, this is the muddy corner of internet where hand-coding html/css skills are still more valuable than developer's weight in gold. :D

In short, overall best / working solution to email CSS styling is to inline everything.

To see which CSS styling options are available in different email clients, Outlook included, try searching from your favorite search engine ("email client css support", for example).

MailChimp provides a summary page for four often-used email clients: https://templates.mailchimp.com/resources/email-client-css-support/

Hi @Kathiresan M,

Sometimes Outlook doesn't take the CSS class. Just keep the CSS classes simple and that does not working you can try Inline CSS (this doesn't come under the best practice).

Hope this works for you!


Hi  Kathiresan M,

This is an heavily talked topic around here. You can check a lot of good info in some posts like those:




And so on...

You need to keep in mind that Outlooks and Gmails and stuff like that don't work as regular browsers when you're talking about CSS and, some times, is very hard to obtain the desired design.

Hope those links can give you valuable info about this.

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