[SEO Utils on Steroids] Fill Metadata_AddToPage Parameters
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Hello guys

I add Metadata_AddToPage on web screen preparation but I would like know which is the correct way to fill the parameters.






I don't know if can you share a oml with example and I can open the source HTML code to view how the data is showed

Thanks in advanced

Hi Artemio,

Description will set the meta tag description, which is the text shown in the search engines results page.

Keywords will set the meta tag keywords. I'm no SEO expert, but as far as I know, this tag lost relevance for search engines. In the project I'm working on, we are ignoring it altogether (not setting any value for it).

OG metatags are for Open Graph. Those tags help you to control what is shown when the link is shared on social media.

Block crawlers will set the robots tag with no-index, no-follow. This instructs the crawler to not index the page and not follow links from that page.

There isn't a correct way to fill those values. It will always depend on what is your SEO strategy. You can virtually fill anything you want. There are some basic best patterns you should follow (for instance, for meta description).

From a technical perspective, you can set those value in the onReady event.


Hello Ivo 

Thank you for you support, now  I'm clear and understand each parameter.

Thank you so much

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