Download all files/ multiple files

I want download all files by button Download All like this

1 dialog is opened to select location i need to save 

but it is appearing 3 times -> Not friendly. 

I want the dialog show only once. 

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Thank you!

Dear Huy,

You can create a zip file that contains all the file you want to download.

By the way, can you share the oml file?

thanks your solution but i can't share source.


Hi @Huy Hoang The ,

Multiple files can not be downloaded you need to use the zip file option.

this way you can download multiple files.



Hope this will help you.

Hi Rahul,

I understand your solution. You use zip file but use zip file is the same as Download 1 file (.zip/.pdf/...)  and end user will use third party to un zip.

Maybe the download file on Mobile impossible. I think clear this service.

Thank you Rahul. Have a good day !

Huy Hoang,

OS Developer - FPT Software Viet Nam.

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