Moving an application from OS11 to ODC
Application Type
Mobile, Reactive
Service Studio Version
11.54.33 (Build 62940)

Can anyone please share that how can we move our application from OS11 to ODC.
Please provide required steps to move our application.

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Hi Nokku Meghana,

visit these links



Hope this helps



Hi @Prince Aadil Khan Panwar,
Thank you for your response. To migrate our app, do we need to upload our application to forge?

no, we dont need to do it. you just need to deploy the code. to deploy the code, follow these steps

  1. Click the app you want to deploy. A list of available revisions for your app displays.

  2. Click the revision of the app you want to deploy, and click Continue. The app with the revision you chose displays.

  3. When ready, click Deploy Now. Your app gets deployed to your selected stage. Optionally, if deploying to production you can change the version number before deploying. The Impact analysis runs when you click Deploy Now.


Hi @Nokku Meghana 

Here are some steps by which you can migrate your OS11 app to the ODC.

1. First use service studio to export the application. You can find this option in toolbar or menu in your application.

2. Then use lifetime to import the exported application. Application should be export in .osp file format.

3. Then after importing, review and configure your environment settings like Database connections, integrations and variables.

4. And last, you can deploy the application in the target environment to make available.

Note : You can go to the OS11>ODC link for the details explanation if you miss something.


Prince Kumar

Hi @PrinceKumar,
Sorry I didn't see your reply, actually this is the thing I need.
Thank you for your response, it will be helpful for me.


Hi @Nokku Meghana 

I know the OutSystems team is hard at work with a migration tool:

As for the migration, here are some crucial steps that might ease the transition process into ODC:

  1. Refactor Your O11 Modules: Ensuring a smooth copy-paste action to ODC will heavily rely on the refactoring of our existing O11 modules. This step is key for a seamless transition.

  2. Align Your Architecture: Embrace a domain-driven approach in ODC, given that the module concept undergoes a complete overhaul.

  3. Public Server Actions to Service Actions: If you're using public server actions in your modules, consider changing them to service actions for better exposure to other web apps.

  4. Static Entities and System Actions: Pay attention to static entities; I made a mistake by setting them to autonumbering true, which isn't compatible with ODC. Consider capturing screenshots for reference. System actions might also change — be vigilant about these alterations.

  5. Business Processes (BPT): If you're into BPT, splitting them into separate server or service actions might be necessary. You could also incorporate them into a logic flow using a single server or service action.

  6. Data Migration: For live apps, migrating data smoothly into ODC is paramount. I suggest a bootstrap of all entities and a subsequent import into ODC, preferably through an admin-accessible screen.

These tips are based on my experience, and I hope they'll point you in the right direction as we navigate through this migration.

Best of luck with your migration.

@Nokku Meghana 

there is currently no tool or automatic process available to migrate from O11 to ODC.  See the post @André Smit is pointing to, look at answer by Fernando.

@Prince Aadil Khan Panwar ,

that medium article is good to read for people who want to get a feel for the differences between O11 and ODC, but doesn't offer a path for migration.

Your other reply might answer some other question, but it doesn't offer a way to migrate O11 apps to ODC.

@PrinceKumar , your reply might answer some other question, but it doesn't offer a way to migrate O11 apps to ODC.


@Dorine Boudry thanks for reminding. 

Thank you @Dorine Boudry for the acknowledgement.

Just to complement @Dorine Boudry...

Hello Nokku Meghana,

The transition from OS11 to OutSystems Development Cloud (ODC) is currently a gradual process. Unfortunately, there are no quick or straightforward steps for this migration at this point in time. The need to manually copy/paste elements from Service Studio to ODC Studio for porting functionality is a key aspect, as mentioned by Fernando and documented in various other discussions (Support and like this idea: Link to the idea).

The article I wrote for my company last July provides some practical approaches and suggestions we are taking into account internally to prepare for these changes, offering insights for those navigating in this transition. However, it's clear that the process involves careful consideration of various approaches, weighing the pros and cons to determine the most suitable path for each scenario and transition. (You can check the article here: Link to the article).

In addition to the technical aspects, it is important to recall that ODC is exclusively offered as a paid option. The fact that users cannot experiment or undergo training (besides the two weeks offered) with ODC until their license is activated is an important consideration for organizations planning or currently undergoing this transition. Besides this, you can also check some other pains/challenges in my other article, "The Major Limitations Associated with ODC" (Link to the article).

Anyway, ODC is not a complete feature set yet. So, some of these issues/pains might become solved in the near future. We just need to exercise our patience a little bit more.

Hope this will help, 

Yes! Thank you @Ana Agostinho 

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