OutSystems Platform 9 official docs

Documentation for specific Platform Versions

Technical Notes
Development Best Practices
This document aggregates a series of best practices and conventions that might be applied when developing using the OutSystems Agile Platform. These are only recommendations and should be adapted to e...
Agile Platform - Performance Best Practices
Best practices on performance, explained in detail. For each one, includes a description of the best practice, common solutions, why it is important and remarks that you should take into consideration...
Agile Platform - Performance Top 10 Best Practices
Top 10 best practices on performance in a summary format to fit one page.
SEO Friendly URLs
permalink: http://www.outsystems.com/goto/install-seo When your Web applications URLs become too complex, they have impact on end-users reading and most of all fall in rankings of search engines. To h...
How to Build a Multi-tenant Application
In this document you will learn what a Multi-tenant application is and the benefits of building an application with a Multi-tenancy architecture. You will also learn how to extend your own application...
How to Build a Multi-tenant Application - Resources
This is the .zip file with all necessary resources to do the example in the 'How to Build a Multi-tenant Application' technical note.
LifeTime Installation and Configuration
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/lifetime-installation-and-configuration-technical-note Agile Platform 7.0 introduced LifeTime, the centralized console for managing the life cycle of your applicatio...
Performance Tuning for OutSystems Applications
Presents a methodology and checklist for OutSystems Applications performance tuning. Methodology presents how to use Usage Report Tool from OutSystems to identify bottlenecks. Checklist includes sugge...
The Detach Process for .NET
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-detach-dotnet This document is a complement to the Agile Platform Technology Independence technical note and explains, step by step, for the .NET version of...
OutSystems Platform - Installation Prerequisites
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/installation-prerequisites Due to the complexity of your business, you may want to run the OutSystems Platform in the cloud, on- premises (on your own data center), or even with a hybrid configuration, where part of the infrastructure is on the cloud, and the rest is hosted on your data center. After reading this technical note you will understand the necessary configurations to successfully install and run the OutSystems Platform in your own data center.
The Detach Process for Java
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-detach-java . This document is a complement to the Agile Platform Technology Independence technical note and explains, step by step, for the Java version of...
Agile Platform - Architecture & Infrastructure
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/agile-platform-architecture-overview The Agile Platform architecture has been designed with a strong focus on performance, scalability, and high-availability. This t...
Multiple Database Catalogs and Schemas
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/mdcs-technote Applications in the Agile Platform often require full data separation up to database level. This can happen to enable stricter control on access to cri...
SQL Server Best Practices for Platform Server
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/sql-server-best-practices Best practices for sizing hardware and deployment of SQL Server when using it as the database engine for Platform Server.
Timers and Asynchronous Processes
Describes the Platform Server Timers architecture. Includes the relevant runtime and log entities, what is done at the scheduler service side and at the eSpace side. See the associated sample ""How to ...
Migrating an Environment Using a Database Clone in version 6.0 (or earlier)
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-database-clone-60 This technical note describes the procedures to properly setup the Agile Platform 6.0 (or earlier) after migrating and recovering its data...
Migrating an Environment Using a Database Clone in version 7.0 (or later)
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-database-clone This technical note describes the procedures to properly setup the Agile Platform 7.0 (or later) after migrating and recovering its database ...
Troubleshooting the Platform Server
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-troubleshoot-platform-server Briefly introduces common error tracking, monitoring and alert techniques that you may use in a .NET Platform Server. Describes...
SAP Integration in .NET Extensions
This Technical Note explains how to use the SAP Wizard in Integration Studio. This wizard is only available in a .NET or (Both) application server. The main purpose of this document is to be used as a...
Migrating from Enterprise Manager to the new Security Model
This document describes the migration of the security framework from Enterprise Manager to the new Application Security Model, introduced in version 6.0 of the Agile Platform for security integration ...
Agile Platform - Security Overview
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/agile-platform-security-overview This datasheet focuses on how every application created using the Agile Platform is secured over its entire life-cycle.
Integrating OutSystems and SharePoint Application
The Agile Platform can easily be integrated with external systems. SharePoint is one of them and it’s the one we focus on in this technical note. We will describe how to integrate OutSystems and Share...
eSpace conversion to J2EE and ORACLE Cookbook
The objective of this document is to help developers on the migration process of an eSpace originally designed to run under the .Net stack to J2EE. While the majority of the stack differences is seaml...
AgilePlatform - Architecture Overview for Oracle Fusion Middleware
This technical note describes the Agile Platform major concepts, and its logical and physical architectures, as well as the Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure requirements and usage scenarios.
Customizing Agile Platform Pages for Unhandled Errors
This technical note describes how to customize the error pages that are displayed to end-users when an unhandled error occurs. This lets you display proper feedback pages to end-users while maintainin...
Bulk data manipulation using Custom Log
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-custom-log When developing enterprise applications, there is a frequent need to insert large amounts of data into database tables. Some scenarios include au...
How to use Multilingual support
This technical note explains Multilingual Support for web applications developed using Agile Platform 4.2 or 4.1. It describes the necessary tools and mechanisms to prepare and set an application to r...
How to use Multilingual support - Sample
This .zip file contains all the necessary files to do the sample in 'How to use Multilingual support' technical note .
SMS Handling Architecture
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-sms-architecture Describes the Agile Platform SMS handling architecture as well as the built-in features related with SMS-C integration, routing, billing an...
Agile Platform - Standard Architecture with No Lock-in
Unlike proprietary technologies and closed frameworks, the Agile Platform generates standard, optimized and fully documented source code which does not require runtime interpreters or engines. With th...
Sample SMS Dispatcher
This project shows how to create a web application to queue mobile originated messages and delivery reports
Rafael My SAP Proxy for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010
Rafael My SAP Proxy, adapted to be installed and used with Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. Please follow the instructions provided in the install.txt file.
Third-party MMS Center Integration
Explains how to extend the MMS-Center or third party gateway vendors supported by the MMS extension.
Information Logged by the Agile Platform
This document describes where you can find and what is the information logged by the Agile Platform.
Third-party SMS Gateway Integration
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-3rdparty-sms-gateway Describes the Agile Platform SMS Gateway integration APIs, presenting all required information for a system integrator to use an extern...
Notation Reference for BPMN Practitioners
Agile Platform 5.0 brings with it the ability to design and execute business processes with the Business Process Technology Add-on. This technical note describes the notation used for Process Modeling...
Upgrading SMS Gateway to Kannel 1.4.1 or 1.4.3
This Technical Note describes the recommendations for performing SMS Gateway upgrades from OutSystems SMS Gateway 1.2.1 to Kannel 1.4.1 or 1.4.3.
Using Oracle in Agile Platform
This document is a valuable resource for using the Agile Platform when installed over Oracle. It contains links to various documents in the OutSystems Network that assist you in either starting an app...
Balanced Platform Upgrade on Highly Loaded Farms
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-balanced-upgrade This document presents the steps required to successfully upgrade an existing highly loaded OutSystems Agile Platform farm environment. The...
Balanced Application Deployment on Highly Loaded Farms
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-balanced-deployment This document presents the steps required to successfully deploy an espace/solution onto a highly loaded farm environment, by balancing ...
Agile Platform Failover Procedures
Permalink: www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-controller-failover This technical note gives a technical overview about the procedures that should be executed during failover scenarios in installations w...
Accessible Apps with OutSystems & WCAG 2.0
This document explains how to make web content accessible to people with disabilities, using the Agile Platform. This technical note is intended for OutSystems developers who need to create web busine...
Accessible OML for WCAG 2.0
This OML is a companion to the Web Content Accessibility Tech Note and serves as an example of the techniques required to obtain a fully compliant application.

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Gonçalo Martins
Where can I find a guide explaining active/passive Oustsystems installation which is refered by Agile Platform Failover Procedures document?

Is there any document or post explaining how to failover/switchower to the redundant DB instance in case the Active DB instance fails (for example when Oracle Data Guard is in use for Data protection)?
Ignas -

It's not hard, you just go to the Configuration Tool on each application server and change the IP address of the DB server.

A alternative (especially if you have a LOT of app servers) is to find a way (like a SQL Server witness server system) to have a single IP address or DNS name that automatically re-routes as needed.

The initial links were pointing at the wrong locations. Fixed now!
Excelent Documentation.

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Documentation for Platform Version 9.

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Thanks Davide! Highly appreciated, your documentation helped me a lot in learning.
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My contribution: Migrate an Environment Using a Database Clone in OutSystems Platform 9 (or later)
Hi André,

You can find all the technical notes here under the tab Technical Notes :).
Is it possible to download an offline version of the Service Studio documentation ?
Hi Arco,

I don't know what happened but a copy of the Help used to be located in the Service Studio installation folder. It appears it's not the case anymore.
Ok thanks, is there any other way to get it ?
I don't know the version where this happened but try installing older versions until you find the Microsoft Help File (.hlp)...
Hi Arco,

We are continously improving our documentation therefore we have decided some time ago to stop distributing the help along with the software favoring the use of the up to date online documentation. 
Can you explain your use case, why you have the need for offline documentation?


Hi André,

Thanks for your response, the reason is I want to learn about OutSystems on my holiday address but there's no internet available there. So if I have a pdf I can put it on my IPad and read it overthere.
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Thanks, this is super helpful!

Would it be possible to update this soon for OutSystems 10?  From what I can tell the full documentation for 10 has not been made available, as least not the same quality that was available for earlier versions.

Hello Brock,

As I explain here, the OutSystems 10 documentation is still quite new and we're actively working on it. We do intend to make it as complete as the one available for earlier versions.

Thank you!

Awesome, thanks Paulo!