Create folders inside structures on Service Studio for a better organization/struturation

By Luis Paulo Soares on 12 Jul 2012
Would be nice to have the option to create folders inside structures on Service Studio.

All related strutures could be in the same folder, for example, if i have a entity name "Entity1", all related strutures could be inside a folder named "Entity1".
Kilian Hekhuis16 Jul 2012
This has been proposed, in a broader fashion, before, viz. to allow all folders (e.g. images) to have sub folders, like actions. Can't be bothered to check though.

also would be nice to create folders inside "images" on service studio.
Kilian Hekhuis24 Jun 2015
For entities and structures, this one seems the original one (there are two other duplicates). For images, there's already this one.