Organizing entities & structures into folders in SS

By Izak Joubert on 8 Mar 2013
If you're dealing with a complex system, you can easily end up with a very large number of entites and structures on the data tab, which leads to a lot of scrolling up or down to find the right object. Being able to organize these entities/structures into folders so that you can expand/collapse different parts of the list, makes everything a bit more manageble.
Izak Joubert8 Mar 2013
BTW. this idea is similar to what was done for actions in
J.8 Mar 2013
I like it.
I just hope moving entities from 1 folder to another will break references, like the actions
Paulo Ramos8 Mar 2013
The idea is nice, but note that when designing the architecture for your solution, you probably should identify small, reusable components and build them in independent eSpaces, instead of building the data mode in just one module. It will ease reutilization and maintenance.
Check out this link about it:
Paulo Ramos8 Mar 2013
S&W: you meant not breaking, right?
J.11 Mar 2013
@Paulo: yes :)
Izak Joubert11 Mar 2013
I meant "virtual folders".  These folders would have nothing to do with the physical entities or the way they are implemented.  It should simply be a way to visually organize entities and structures in the tree, so portions can be collapsed and expanded to make the navigation of the structure easier on the developer.
João Melo24 Feb 2014
Cool!!! Liked!
Martijn Habraken12 May 2015
Yea would be very nice!
Kilian Hekhuis24 Jun 2015
This is a duplicate of this idea (and of this one).
Kilian Hekhuis24 Jun 2015
Oh, and this one.
George Jeffcock24 May 2016
yes please. entities that scope other entities but are not implmented..called scoping entities.