Auto - Refresh Espaces

By Ricardo Casaca on 19 May 2010
In some situations the platform should auto refresh espaces and publish them (if possible). 

Public Entities consumed by several espaces.
There's the need to add a new column or record for static entities.
Consumers will be outdated/broken.
When the espace with the change is published which has consumers, should check if its possible to auto-refresh the consumer, and if so refresh it and publish it automatically. 
By the way it would be nice to have more filters on Espaces List in SC.
ovatsus19 May 2010
In 5.0, after you publish the producer with the changed entities, if you go to ServiceCenter and publish the Running Version of the Solution, all the broken consumers with automatically be refreshed
Manuel Dias20 May 2010
Like Gustavo mentioned, this has been done in 5.0 whenever you publish a solution.
Ricardo Casaca20 May 2010
Hi Gustavo & Manuel, the mentioned feature of 5.0 is very useful but it implies a solution publish, and depending on the size of the solution it could have impact on the development if it has to be performed during work-hours, so my suggestion was related to "auto -heal" only the broken espaces and fixing it automatically in the background
Paulo Ramos27 May 2010
This is still a major pain for big teams. Publishing a solution during work hours is basically not an option on certain cases.
Paulo Tavares16 Jul 2010
You're right.

We reverted the idea status, since we had misunderstood it in the first place. Sorry for the confusion.
João Melo11 May 2015
Any news or work arounds about this idea?? It would be great!!!

Part of it is implemented.. waiting for Refresh AND PUBLISH

Part of it is implemented.. waiting for Refresh AND PUBLISH

I don't want to Open all eSpaces - just Refresh and Publish all...