Report inappropriate threads, posts, projects and user profiles

By Caio Santana on 1 Jul 2016
I think the website urgently needs a reporting system.

Users should be able to report:
  • Forum/Idea threads
  • Forum/Idea posts
  • Forge projects
  • User profiles
Here are two shady examples I've just spotted. A member of the community even posted spam related to an illegal activity.

Fantato5 Jul 2016
Great point Caio. Recently forums and forge have been received a lot of inapropriate content. If the team don´t create some rules or process to filter or notify this content we will facing a lot of problems to find relevant things. 

Matthias Preuter22 Jul 2016


Justin Babel24 Jul 2016

Great idea. Frustrating to see some of the spam/garbage that makes its way into the community. #keepourcommunityclean

Alexandra Bowen4 Jan 2017

@Caio Santana this is great and very much needed! 

@Justin Babel I love the hashtag #keepourcommunityclean   

For now, feel free to private message me any and all violations you see.

Thanks for helping to make our community better!


OutSystems Community Manager