Reactive version of Data Grid Forge component
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It would be nice if OutSystems would provide a reactive version of the Data Grid component. 

Given the amount of post on the forum regarding data grid related topics, it is fair to say it is a popular component that developers use. With the shift from tradional web to reactive web applications, it would be a pitty to not have this component available as a reactive version.

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Hi Daniël,

Thank you for your idea. We'll add it to our radar to monitor the interest and feedback on this.

Tiago Simões

+1 for this, we would love to have this component in Reactive web apps.



+1 We would really like to have this component in react as well.

+1 We would love this as well.  This alone is what we are waiting for to move our enterprise application to react!  

This is an absolute must, we need the Data Grid component to be available in React. And it would be awesome if it included more options like the one it's based on. Here is a link to the datagrid it is wrapping and using behind the scenes:

And it supports react. And it has server side filtering / searching instead of just client side as seen here:

+1 We would love this as well.  This alone is what we are waiting for to move our enterprise application to react!  

This is reason we are not able to start our new applications in Reactive web!

2021-07-01 15-45-04
Bryan Minton

+1 were working with a company that only starts new applications in reactive, we need this!!

+1 - this is common functionality for a lot of web apps, particularly admin screens. 

Once this exists, we can finally start really using Reactive Web ...

2019-12-26 12-09-43
Inês Ribeiro Silva

Just wanted to update this thread here, regarding the Data grid for reactive.

There is a version of the Data Grid for Reactive on the forge, as a technical preview.
We followed the approach to slice it into several releases and adapt the features and capabilities along the way while we receive feedback from the community.

It would be awesome if you could take a few minutes to experiment it and get back with feedback.

Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

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on 15 Feb 2021

Hi All,

As Inês was saying, there is now a Data Grid Reactive component that you can use in your projects. If you have feedback on it please share it on the components support section.

Tiago Simões