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True Open Source business apps - free to use and change.

What kind of apps can you build with the OutSystems® Platform? How easy is it to understand how they are built and change them?

We've created a set of free web apps that you can try online, install in your server, and change as you like - this is true open source. With the OutSystems Platform you can customize these apps completely and make them your own, in a matter of hours, all for free!

App Catalog Overview

Intranet and Human Resource Apps

CRM Apps

Web Sites and Portal Apps


Why are the OutSystems applications really unique?

We've created this integrated suite of open source business apps to jump start your learning process of the OutSystems® Platform, and allow you to quickly deliver fully functional  applications - in a matter of hours!

Each app has been built to showcase good application design, with a focus on simplicity and usability while providing rich functionality that simply works.

Since apps have been built to work stand-alone or together, you can deploy several related apps and immediately have a suite of custom applications ready to use.

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Free to use and change:

You can install each app in your OutSystems Platform to try them out, for free. Get your free personal environment here.

True open source:

The applications' model is fully open and you can make any changes to it, using the OutSystems Platform. Since it is based on visual models, you will be able to quickly understand how the app was built without having to go through thousands of lines of code.

Fully customizable:

Each app includes an interactive tutorial that shows you how to implement changes. You'll understand how the app was built, and see how easy it is to change. From that point on, you can make all the changes you want. The app is yours to completely customize!

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