Machine Learning Builder Demo

Stable Version 1.0.2 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 25 Jan by 
Stable Version 1.0.2 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 25 Jan by 

Machine Learning Builder Demo

Companion app for the In-Depth Tech Talk on AI-Powered Apps to show how you can use ML Builder capabilities within your OutSystems apps.
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Make sure you apply and are accepted into the ML Builder Early Access Program to use this demo.

For this demo we are impersonating a developer working for a Telecommunications company that wants to assess the risk of its customers churning. In this demo you can find code samples of how to:

  • Integrate with ML Builder;
  • Handle flattened and structured data to be the source for your ML model;
  • Include ML Builder predictions into your applications;
  • Monitor the model accuracy and improve it with end-users feedback;

You can find a detailed overview of the demo here.

What’s new (1.0.2)

Attempt at having a better icon and overall preview of the application

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