SSE Push Event Hub and Client

version 1.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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SSE Push Event Hub and Client

Push Event Hub and Client Listener for Server-Sent Events (SSE) push streams. *No third parties are required for Server Push/Messaging*
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The SSE Server Hub allows for HTTP Client Requests (through a Rest Expose API) to be persisted for Event Streaming as per protocol1. This is accomplished by switching the mime-type response to the appropriate text/event-stream and flushing the messages complying to the event source format2.

The SSE Client implements the Event Source JS Interface containing the Server Sent Event API, also per protocol3.

Effectively, no third parties are required for Server Push/Messaging.

Please refer to the Documentation tab for further details.




What’s new (1.0.3)

Specific Clients Broadcast Fix

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30 Jun
in version 1.0.2
Fantastic component! Works like a charm. Additionally, the thorough documentation makes it very easy to use. I've been looking everywhere for an SSE component that doesn't require 3rd party integration, and I think this is the only one that exists in the forge. Highly recommend!