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Stable Version 1.1.0 (OutSystems 9)
Published on 11 November 2015 by 
Created on 10 November 2015
SAP Crystal Reports application to export reports to binary using the Crystal Reports for Visual Studio runtime.
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Application to manage all the SAP Crystal Reports of an environment and export them to binary.

  • Upload and store all the environment reports in one application;
  • Manage the database connections that can be used by each report at runtime;
  • Organize reports by tags;
  • Report version control: version info (who, when, what), rollback, download and release notes;
  • Export Format Types: PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, TTX,TXT, XML
  • Security: access protected by Role;
  • Selection Formula, Parameters and Formulas can be set at runtime;

  • ExportToBinary: exports a report from the report repository to binary;

How to export a report to binary?
What’s new (1.1.0)
+ Validation to avoid file name clashes;
+ Error message if the Reports Directory is not set when the user is uploading a new report version;
+ The NoPermissions screen now includes a message regarding the need of the Role ReportAdmin to access the screens;
+ The Report code attribute was incresead from 10 to 20 (lenght) 
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