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Created on 15 December 2015
This application contains a sample implementation of OAuth authentication for Exposed REST APIs
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This application contains a starting point for implementing OAuth authentication in your Exposed REST APIs. The application is composed by three different modules:

  • Includes all the logic related to OAuth implementation, such as Authentication Code and Token storage, authorization screens and redirections, endpoints for Token generation and Token authentication.
  • Includes the bootstrap of one sample Client so you can test the sample from the get-go.
  • This module can be reused or provide a starting point for your own OAuth implementation.


  • Includes a sample Expose REST API that is protected by OAuth authentication.
  • It shows how to do require an access Token for authentication, and uses the sample provider to validate the Token.


  • Simulates what a third party client would do when accessing a REST API protected with OAuth.
  • The client identification used by this consumer is already bootstrapped in the sample provider. To use different client credentials, you need to implement client registration logic in your applications.
  • To test this module, you need to open it and follow the instructions in the homepage to replace "YourServer" by the address of your Platform Server

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