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Published on 16 December 2015 by 
Created on 16 December 2015
WebRTC Client using Simplewebrtc service.
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On the "preparation" add the PrepareWebRTCContext.

It will return the IDs for the elements that will handle the Loca and Remote video zones.

By default, the PrepareWebRTCContext works with SimpleWebRTC, but you can change to other compatible service.

On the webpage add the LocalVideo and RemoteVideo webblocks.

Use the JoinRoom action to start the meeting. It is up to the application to set the room name for a specific call. You can use the user name to relate a user with a room, or create a random ID that you exchange thru the database with both ends.

Note: I've learned in Feb 2019 that SimpleWebRTC requires an API_KEY, making this module unusable in its current version.

Update 03-03-2019: The SimpleWebRTC also requires a nodejs server not providing a cloud service anymore. Alternatives were not viable. Setting this module do deprecated status permantly.

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