Stable Version 1.3.0 (OutSystems 9.1)
Published on 21 April 2016 by 
Created on 19 April 2016
Applys shake motion to an element by: - Clicking itself; - Clicking on other element; - Calling shakeElement method;
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Place the Shake widget in the page you have the element you want to shake.

The widget receives as inputs:

- Shake Element Id (mandatory);

- Activator Element Id;

If you wish to have the element shaking by clicking on it, just pass the same Id on both inputs.

Use shakeElement method to shake element when needed, which receives as inputs:

- Shake Element Id (mandatory, must be the same one which was passed as input to the widget);
- Return False (If true, it adds a return false to the end to stop execution. Used normally in links onclick);

You can use this method either as an onclick property of a link, or as part of the flow of a screen action.
What’s new (1.3.0)
Added shakeElement method.
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