SharePoint Integration Made Easy

Stable Version 1.1 (OutSystems 6)
Published on 02 June 2013 by 
Gonçalo Borrega
Gonçalo Borrega
Created on 20 October 2010
Technical note, SharePoint web part and supporting eSpace to make integration between OutSystems and SharePoint easy.
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Here we describe how to integrate OutSystems and SharePoint applications
  • at the level of the user interface
  • at the level of business logic and data through web services
It contains a working integration between SharePoint and a basic recruitment application, together with a SharePoint web part and a helper eSpace that you can use off the shelf.
The technical note also addresses security and authentication both on UI integration and on integration through web services.

Feature List
  • Integrating OutSystems and Sharepoint Applications.pdf - technical note on how to integrate OutSystems with SharePoint
  • OSWebparts.wsp - SharePoint Solution Package with a helper SharePoint Web Part
  • SharePointAdapter.oml - helper SharePointAdapter eSpace
  • SPRecruitment.oml - sample eSpace fully prepared to be integrated withing SharePoint

System Requirements and Limitations
  • SharePoint 2010
  • Agile Platform 5.1
  • BPT (optional) - the sample eSpace uses BPT
  • Embeded Process Automation 5.1.5 (optional)

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